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In March 2012, two parents in the Triangle area of North Carolina decided to go "against the grain" and start eating according to the principles of the paleo diet. The results are chronicled in this blog.

Sarah is a southern girl and a foodie. For years now her enjoyment of food has been hampered by severe (and unusual) allergies to common preservatives and additives, leading to shopping at specialty grocery stores and close reading of labels. Her first intro to something like paleo was when her allergies seemed to expand after her first pregnancy and she went on an elimination diet to settle down her system. The so-called "caveman diet" cut out wheat, milk, and corn, in addition to her existing allergens. She found the diet agreed with her in many ways aside from not triggering allergic reactions. Her allergies disappeared for a time, during which she indulged in many things that had been "forbidden" for years. When they returned, we decided to take the plunge into full paleo.

Luke is a techie and a relocated Yankee (since long ago). Aside from being incredibly picky about food, he has no known food problems, but his waistline has slowly expanded ever since college (especially after becoming a father). He also experiences insomnia and headaches frequently. He matched Sarah's diet in order to support her and found that it helped keep his energy up during the day and avoid the afternoon "crash" he tended to experience at work after lunch.

Aria is our first child, born in 2010. She has never had any allergies or problems at all as far as we can tell - knock on wood. We are expecting our second child in June 2012.

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